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Software Development

We provide high-quality, innovative and customized software solutions to meet your requirements. Providing user-friendly solutions to our customers is our top priority. Whether you need a simple desktop utility or a complex server end software, we have the skills to fulfill your needs. Our team pocesses in-depth knowledge of various software technologies, databases, programming languages and other standards. Our portfolio is a witness to our experience and achivements.

Web Development and Designing

With over 5 years of experience developing and designing websites of varying natures; including e-commerce sites, portals, personal websites affiliate programs and many others, we are well versed in all the tricks and technologies involved in creating high-quality professional sites. Be it a static small site, a large dynamically controlled site, dynamically managed contents, blogs or discussion forums; we can provide you with results exceeding your satisfaction.

Web Spiders/Crawlers

Web Spiders/Crawlers are software programs crawling the web moving from one site to another and processing the content for the purpose they are designed for. Crawlers are used by most of the search engines. GoogleBot is one of the famous crawlers that empowers Google search engine. Today such programs are used for a variety of marketting, research and other purposes. If you are looking for such solutions, you don't need to look any further.

Custom Internet Data Scraping

The Internet contains a wealth of information and knowledge. The amount of information present on the Internet is so great that it is often impossible to manually go through all the information that interests you. We can provide you with custom data gathering/scraping tools that allow you to gather and arrange the information you want from the Internet effectively. No more do you need to move through every page of a site and waste your times with the World Wide Wait.

Data Conversion and Manipulation

We specialize in migrating and converting data between different formats and databases. If you are looking to upgrade your legacy software system used in your organization but don't want to loose all the data that took years to feed into that legacy system, we can help you.

Search Engine Optimizations Research Tools

Getting a good place in search results of different search engines is one of the best marketting tricks you need on the web. Search Engine Optimization is a constantly changing scene. We provide services and tools that let you tweak your site (or automatically tweak it for you) so that it gets better search engine rankings.

Survey Research Tools

We have vast experience managing different kind of surveys for various organizations, feeding all the results into the system and generating different analysis reports out of these survays to find out the prevailant trends. If you are looking for such services, you will find that we provide far more efficient and reliable process in the field.

Advanced Networking Services

Modern businesses rely more and more on electronic communications for their effective operation. Properly designed computer networks help businesses become more and more productive. We provide advanced networking services like Virtual Private Networks, Wireless Networking, Advanced Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems, Computer Clustering, Web Servers, Mail Servers, etc. We also provide consultation services to help you plan your networks the right way.

Expert Administration Services

With increasing IT infrastructure in any organization the proper administration of the resources become more and more important. Finding the technical expertise meeting your needs can be a handfull. We can help you share the burden, our advanced and carefully designed administrative tools and procedures allow us to monitor and administer many networks and servers remotely.

Data Recovery

Data loss for any organization in most cases can be catastrophic. In many cases, this data can be recovered. We give you the hope that all is not lost. You can gain data u have lost.

Computer Security and Penetration Testing

Computer security is one of the most important areas in any organization's IT infrastructure. You don't just create a great house without any doors or locks inviting every theif to take whatever they want. Organizational information present in computer systems is one of the most vital assets of an organization and proper security measures need to be adopted to safe guard these assets. Unfortunately security awareness in IT industry is quite low allowing every melicious user or black hat hacker to compromise your network. We provide professional penetration testing services showing you what are the weak points in your IT infrastructure that can allow attackers to take control of your resources. We also help you secure your network to safe guard against such threats.

Forensics Analysis

Once your network has been breached, getting to know how it was breached and what the attacker has done with your network after compromising it is very important. We offer professional forensic analysis services to help you track down the holes in your network and know the extent of damage caused by the digital break-in.

Open Source Support

Proprietry software has costly licenses making it often infeasible for smart businesses. Also the quality of such software has many question marks surrounding it. Open source products provide you with an alternative high-quality solution. Open source operating systems, application servers, web servers and other products are deployed all over the world. Most of these high quality products are free of cost. Why would you choose a buggy, closed-source and highly priced product over a free, open-source and high-quality product? To help you convert to open-source solutions and to use them effectively we provide Open Source Support services. We help you convert your network, servers, workstations to free open source solutions and provide you with the support you need in case something goes wrong.

Custom Linux Distributions and Live CD's

Linux is an open source, modern, feature-rich high quality operating system. Live Linux CDs allow you to boot and use your linux OS from the CD without effecting the installed OS and applications on the computer. We develop custom versions of linux for your organizational needs. If you have very specific requirements, we can create a very specific Linux Distribution or Live CD just to suit your needs.

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CompuLife is an I.T solutions company primarily focusing on open-source software, web development and support.

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