HTML/XHTML XML CSS Bootstrap (CSS Framework)

Client Side Programming

Javascript JQuery Dojo VBScript

Server Side Programming Languages

PHP ASP Python Ruby

Python Web Frameworks

Django PyCK Pyramid Pylons TurboGears 2 Flask Bottle Google App Engine

PHP Web Frameworks

Yii Symfony 2

Templating Languages

Mako (Python) Jinja2 (Python) Smarty (PHP) Cheetah (PHP)

Other Web Related Technologies

Pyjamas ToscaWidgets 2

Python C/C++ Ruby Visual Basic Gambas Java


SQLAlchemy PostgreSQL MySQL SQLite SQL Server Oracle FoxPro MS Access DBase

MongoDB Google AppEngine DataStore

Amazon EC2 Google AppEngine Heroku DotCloud

QGis PostGis GeoAlchemy

Mixpanel Mobile App Tracking (MAT) Grow Mobile Ad-X

Kivy PySide/PyQT PyS60 SL4A


Redhat Debian Ubuntu Slackware Mint IPCop Raspbian Kubuntu Gentoo Salix




Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows 9.x Windows 3.x

Version Control

GIT Subversion Mercurial

Documentation Tools

reST Sphinx PyDoc

Automated Testing

Python's UnitTest Nose (Python) webtest (python) phpUnit (PHP)

Linux Installation Linux Networking Linux VPN setup Linux Administration Linux Based Firewalls Linux Based IDS Apache Samba Squid DNS DHCP FTP SSH

Network Security Assessment Penetration Testing Security Level Reporting Risk Mitigation Strategies

Celery (Distributed Task Queue)


  • Microsoft Certified Professional in Developing Desktop Applications with Visual Basic 6.0.
  • Microsoft Certified Professional in Developing Distributed Applications with Visual Basic 6.0.
  • Microsoft Certified Professional in Analyzing Requirements and Defining Solution Architectures.
  • Brainbench certified Active Server Pages (ASP) Programmer
  • Brainbench certified C++ Programmer
  • Brainbench certified HTML 4.0 Programmer
  • Brainbench certified Windows 98 power user

Experience & Projects

  • PyCK Framework. Creator of PyCK web framework. Python SQLAlchemy Mako WTForms WTDojo
  • WTDojo. Creator of WTDojo forms library that integrates WTForms and Dojo Toolkit. Python WTForms Dojo
  • Pakistan Army Induction System. Developed and maintained online-registration and computerzied induction system for Pakistan Army for Officers Exams (PMA, Graduate Courses). NADRA previously conducted these tests for Pakistan Army. Linux Apache MySQL PHP Python
  • Pakistan Army Recruitement System. Developing online-registration and computerzied recruitement system for Pakistan Army for soldiers' induction. Linux Apache MySQL PHP Python
  • www.joinpakarmy.gov.pk. Developed and maintaing official web site for joining Pakistan Army. Linux Apache MySQL PHP Python
  • mawakhaat.appspot.com Website for flood relief coordination (created after the historical floods in Pakistan in 2010). Python Google AppEngine
  • IceRocket Search Spider. An RSS Feeds web spider that crawls the Internet searching for RSS feeds and populating search DBs of www.icerocket.com. Linux MySQL Python
  • Multiple Sites Content Management System. Web site to manage simple WYSIWYG editting of multiple sites for non-technical website owners. Linux Apache MySQL PHP
  • Tabcrawler. A music search engine and web spiderLinux Apache MySQL PHP Python
  • Lyrics Crawler Software to scrap song lyrics from popular lyrics sites and then search for their official videos at youtube. Collected lyrics and videos are displayed via customized Wordpress Theme. Linux MySQL Python
  • Google resume spider. A php application to fetch and process resumes via google. PHP
  • ' Yahoo Finance scraper Scraps yahoo finance data for further research. Python
  • U.S Phone Records scraper Software to scrap United States phone records alongwith addresses. Linux MySQL Python Amazon EC2
  • Twitter scraper Software to scrap tweets for given person from twitter. Python
  • Tires scraper Software to scrap automobile tires information for all brands, models and makes from popular auto/tires websites. Linux Apache MySQL PHP Python
  • Demonoid scraper Software to scrap torrents with associated info from Demonoid. MySQL Python
  • Flights Fare scraper Software to scrap air-flights fares for various routes.
  • SMPP Client Extending the python-smpp library. Used for communicating with telecom SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer Protocol) server for sending and receiving SMSes.
  • SMS Marketting and Interaction Software uses SMPP client to send and receive SMSes with options for bulk sending and performing actions based on received SMSes.
  • Rezillient Electronics. An on-line electronics store with paypal integration (electronics.rezilient.com)
  • Ecommerce web site for cosmetic garments using php/mysql with Authorize.Net Integration.
  • Ecommerce web site for automobiles.
  • Phrase finder. A PHP and Javascript based project used for SEO (Search Engine Optimizations).
  • iTunes Extractor. A PHP based system that searches, verifies and processes information from given web sites regarding music records present in the Apple iPod.
  • MIS PA Dte (GHQ). Developed a comprehensive MIS system for PA Dte GHQ.
  • Custom Shopping Cart. A custom implementation of a shopping cart system in PHP with PayPal integration.
  • HTML validations and modification system. A Python based script to modify and validate thousands of files according to HTML 4.01 TRANSITIONAL DTD.
  • System Network Alerter. A VB task bar applet notifying of network status.
  • A comprehensive data importing system for a newspaper vendor in U.S. Developed in VB.
  • SMS list sender developed using VB/XML.
  • Real State EXE Creator. An ASP Project to create real state tour EXE files on the fly.
  • HTML validations and modification system. A Python based script to modify and validate thousands of files according to HTML 4.01 TRANSITIONAL DTD.
  • Birthday Automailer. A PHP based web service enabling its users to subscribe customers for recieving auto emails on their birthdays. Integrated with MaxSponder autoresponder system.
  • Specialized PHP Form Processor. A project to validate and encipher submitted data and to mail it to specified emails addresses.
  • Order Tracking System. Developed in ASP.
  • LED Display System. An application developed in VB to post data to an LED ActiveX control by parsing log files.
  • Multimedia Real State Viewer. An application for viewing property details created in VB.
  • Visual Basic Program to process Project Gutenberg E-Text files.
  • Striker's Toolkit. A collection of Cryptographic, Steganographic and misc. utilities.
  • Payroll management system for Rawalpindi General Hospital (2002)
  • Payroll system for Redco Textile Mills, Rawat, Pakistan (1998).
  • Password brute forcer for Microsoft Word.
  • Password decryptors for Microsoft Access 97/2000, Windows Screen saver and Cute FTP.
  • MSN and Yahoo messenger contact list retriever programs.
  • Created the computer version of a board game called “Luddo” in C++.
  • Supervised project: Input Forms Definition Language based on ASP, PHP, VB, COM and XML.
  • Supervised project: Interactive Learning system, a VB based CBT like creation and viewer application.
  • Supervised project: Incorporating the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES, Rijndael) into the IPSec module of Linux kernel using the FreeSWAN project.
  • Supervised project: Automatic Language Identification of Machine Readable Documents developed using python.
  • Supervised project: Digital Secret Steganography and Cryptography based data hiding and encryption software with a web interface.
  • Supervised project: InstaCare Implementation of automated medical care with AI driven Doctor program able to diagnose diseases and recommend treatments while learning from previous experiences to improve diagnosis and treatment strategies. Includes SMS interface to interact with the software via SMS.
There are many more projects that are not listed for the sake of keeping this C.V reasonably short.

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